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Sensory Activities

When we think sensory, we usually think sensory overload; lights that are too bright, sounds that are too loud, the kid with the headphones on that's tuning everyone else out, right? Sure, those are examples but we all have sensory needs, some just process and meet them differently than others. When our children are in sensory overload we see things like tantrums, crying/whining, retreating, hitting, or kicking. When sensory needs go unmet, we see things like climbing on furniture, chewing on inedible objects, or even banging their heads. Everyone experiences these things differently: sights, smells, touch, tastes, sounds, and where our body is in space and proximity to other objects. So how do we meet these needs? We start at the basic human needs : hunger and thirst, followed by everything else.

Start with a high energy activity then follow-up with a calming activity to bring them back to baseline:

  • 5 Minute Dance Party

  • Wall Pushes

  • Living Room Obstacle Course

  • Eating Crunchy, Cold, and/or Sour Foods

  • Trampoline

  • Punching Pillows

  • Tight Bear Hugs

  • Yoga (I love this ABC Yoga book for littles and school-age )

  • Deep Breathing Exercises

  • Hula Hooping

  • Brushing Their Hair

  • Soothing Massage

  • Weighted Blankets or Weighted Stuffed Animals

  • Play-Doh

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