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All pregnancies are different and that’s why I work with each client
to develop a customized plan for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care.
With connection, bravery, surrender and love, babies are born.
There are so many paths to parenthood: as a couple, acting solo, with a surrogate,
with science, or maybe by surprise. It is an absolute honor to support all forms and routes,
and I am here to partner with you in your unique journey.

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$100 Each
(discounts & CEUs available

for foster families)

  • Big & Little Siblings

  • Partner Preparation

  • Childbirth Preparation

  • Cesarean Birth Preparation

  • Newborn Care Basics

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Not A Current Offering

  • 2 Prenatal Sessions

  • On Call Phone & Email Support

  • On Call Phone & Video Support*

  • Continuous Labor & Birth Support

  • 2 Postpartum Sessions*

  • 16 hours of Postpartum Care*



Not A Current Offering

  • Daytime Shifts: basic household duties while providing newborn care.

  • Overnight Shifts: maximizing sleep for the household while providing newborn care.

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